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Green is The Colour

In today’s world, green is becoming the colour of choice for a number of business sectors – and the IT industry is no [...]

Printing Multiple HTML Pages

Recently, I worked on WEB based application, which has to display and print invoices in HTML format. Invoices has to be printed on [...]

Improve loading web page with base64 encoded content

Not so recently Vladimir Vukićević at his post “To Sprite Or Not To Sprite“, had put on glance CSS Sprites advantages and disadvantages.
CSS Sprites [...]


Custom list order number position

During Wigoo development process, CEO requested to place numbers under each list item content.
Positioning elements is not a problem, but list item bullets [...]


Use hooks to avoid email harvesting

In our previous post “Protect email addresses from harvesting“, we had explained a method how to protect email from email harvesting, without reducing [...]

SEO Friendly Hiding

Today, every serious company is fighting for higher search engine position. Search engine position depends on thousands factors, but few of them are [...]

Protect e-mail addresses from harvesting

How do we receive spam?
There are few techniques that allow to the spammers to “find out” your e-mail address. Here are a few [...]